About Us

OGV Energy Is an Independent & Privately Owned Energy Holding Company with offices in Oil Trading hubs of Asia, Middle East, and Europe

Core Focus of the Group:

  1. Trading of Crude Oil, Oil Products & Petrochemicals.
    Exploration & Production of Hydrocarbons.
    3. Drilling & Oil Field Services ,Including Enhanced oil recovery technology(EOR).
    4. Energy Finance.

OGV Energy is actively present in the energy industry and provides diversified unique services, through an efficient, timely and reliable performance in the global energy market. The management takes pride in providing our partners with customised and individual tailored solutions.


We cater to energy needs and requirements of our partners by using a creative and tailored approach towards pricing, logistics, and financing while maintaining strict risk management controls. The team is extensive and draws on an in-depth understanding of the energy industry, gained through decades of experience, and a broad, worldwide network of strategic professional relationships in the Private and Public sectors. OGV partners with NOCs, IOCs, Utilities, and Financial Institutions to transact Crude Oil, Petroleum Products,LPG, Asphalt & Petrochemicals.

OGV has Strategic Partnerships in Oil & Gas concessions in the Russian Federation, CIS, and MENA Region with influential partners and is engaged in a varied portfolio of interests in the Energy Business in East Asia, Middle East, North Africa and now expanding in China.